Monday, October 18, 2010

ramble ramble quite contramble

good morning friends! 'tis monday and my previous plans were cancelled. part of me is relieved that i get a day to get organized (which i haven't been for about 10 days now) and part of me is let down because i am quite frightened by my current unemployment.
regardless, here i am. it's a gorgeous autumn day. i just finished walking three miles around lake ella with a friend (which makes the hour go by so much faster!), and i'm about to sit down with my epic to-do list and do some brainstorming.
i have a new paper mache project on my mind right now and i think i'm going to have to do what i despise most (research) and figure out how to make it successfully. my mind has been a little distracted lately. all i have been wanting to do is watch family guy reruns and hang out at the bookstore. not productive. nope.
lately i have been dreaming (nighttime dreams not daydreams) about new york as well, and my bestie that lives up there. in both dreams i am trying to help her with something or we are trying to meet up or getting very short visits in. it's always very crowded, and slightly confusing. i'm not sure what that's about but let me say just one thing. i am ready to pack up and move. not to new york per se at the moment. but somewhere. perhaps somewhere near her where i can still see trees and feel calm. i am craving calm and simplicity. do you know how hard it is to register for a wedding when you are trying to get rid of things? so we registered for like 3 things that we don't need but would be nice to have (instead of the crappy versions we already have) and like 5 things that we don't expect to get, but would be fun to have (jack lelaine juicer anyone?). i really don't give a hoot. the only things i really want are a few pieces of le creuset cookware, perhaps some new towels, and financial donations made to the newly married poor couple. the dishes and the silverware can be acquired when we eventually have money. *le sigh* it just doesn't seem to work that way though, it seems.
it's really hard to explain that to a large family of collectors. we all could have been museum curators for the collections we have. saying "i want to simplify" is like speaking sanskrit. but oh well! i guess i should just have fun with it. shut down the practical side of me and enjoy being showered with gifts. why didn't i get the "enjoys being showered with gifts" gene? what the heck is wrong with me?!
ha! that's an open-ended question, eh?
well, i'm going to stop rambling for now kiddos. i've got some organizing to do.
adieu for now!

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