Sunday, October 17, 2010

pumpkin sunday

1. this has been what has been lovingly referred to as "pumpkin weekend". mississippi and i picked out two heirloom pumpkins (chappy and lillian von gourdstrom), went to the pumpkin festival in havana, drank autumn beer (Hex) at our favourite bar, and went to the bradfordville blues club for funsies and dancing. it has been a really fantastic weekend.
2. we registered our "wedding" thing at target today. i felt guilty asking for anything i wanted that wasn't practical. what is that?? we also happened to have gotten attacked by a rather vicious lady at target whilst trying to create said registry. some people have very sad, very proud spirits and delight in degrading others to make themselves feel better.
3. i'm not looking forward to a task i have to do this week. that's alls i can say about that.
4. i'm about to go take a brisk autumn walk with my man. later friends!
5. it's bugging me that i didn't include a #5.

adieu for now, friends!

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Susanne said...

someone called me saturday and told me what a good job you are doing , and how hard it is . You were bragged on .xxoo