Thursday, October 28, 2010

sniffles and gypsies

ugh. i've been sick for the past week. i'm so tired of coughing. wowza. i've gotten nothing productive done this week except for adding three new items to the etsy shop. i've created nothing, i've hardly cleaned anything, and i feel like a big ole lump. but, you know what? it's okay! the bills are paid, and the groceries are purchased. jane honda is running like a dream, mississippi still loves his job. i can't really ask for much else (than good health). one of my favourite holidays is right around the corner. i'm a little bummed i'm so under the weather that i haven't made a costume. oh well. i'll do something fun.
lately i've been in a rather biforcated mood. half of me wants to nest nest nest. recover furniture, build shelves, register for china etc. the other half of me wants to sell everything and put it toward a big several month long gypsy tour of the east coast so that mississippi and i can figure out where to move next. oh that gypsy blood of mine! it starts to tingle in my feet and it gets me all kinds of riled up about hitting the road. does anyone else have this (other than my family)? oh such a conflicted little gal am i.
more to come friends!
adieu for now,

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