Thursday, October 28, 2010

9 places

i just opened a pandora's box of daydreaming by talking about takin' off and doing some traveling. here's the list of where my head is at:

1. st. augustine, to go to the spice trader in the historic district and sleep at the pirate haus hostel. requisite playing of bluegrass.
2. savannah, ga to walk around the spooky old houses before halloween and eat some delicious food. requisite playing of tom waits, and roy orbison.
3. athens, ga to listen to some good music and pretend i'm in the B52's. requisite playing of their entire catalog.
4. up to memphis, tn to (again) eat some delicious food and listen to some good music. throw in the requisite playing of "walking in memphis", elvis, and A LOT of gospel.
5. over to nashville, to visit all of my old haunts and some awesome vintage stores. i get a little sentimental for my childhood there now and then. requisite playing of all of my favourite old country music. you heard me tammy, loretta, jonny, hank, and patsy!
6. scoot on over to gatlinberg, tn to ride one of those horrifying air trolly cars and get a sepia-toned tourist photo taken of us dressed as mobsters or saloon folk. requisite playing of dolly parton.
7. detour over to charleston, sc to eat at s.n.o.b. (delicious!), visit the aquarium, take a gullah tour, a ghost tour, and stay at the not so hostel. requisite playing of serge gainsbourg, bon iver, and nina simone.
8. up up to north carolina to asheville. fall foliage, good food, quirky people, music, and dreaming of living near there one day. requisite lucinda williams, grant lee phillips, and ray lamontagne.
9. over to the coast of north carolina. windy beaches, and seafood (and more daydreaming). requisite playing of the tallest man on earth and lay low.
doesn't it all sound so fun?
stay tuned for more as i dream my way up the east coast.
adieu for now, my darlings.

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