Tuesday, October 19, 2010

mishymashy is better than wishywashy

good morning, friends. 'tis tuesday and i'm feeling ever so slightly more with-it than i did yesterday. i received some helpful words from a long-distance friend last night and that has forced me to be a smidgen more honest with myself. i've been putting off a lot because i'm terribly overwhelmed. which, as everyone knows, makes you feel more overwhelmed. snowballs yadda yadda.
so today i'm chipping away at it and trying to figure out which of the seemingly epic things that seem to be haunting me, i can tackle and eliminate first. i've got a lot to do with the etsy shop. an overhaul of the appearance is on the list. i have a big task that i'm working on and it's emotionally exhausting and i am wondering if it will even last beyond this week. i doubt it. but whatevs.
i'm still looking for a job. my laptop died and has all of my thoughtfully created resume stuff on it. i have to pay to have it wiped clean, get a new word processor, and create a new resume. that's not overwhelming at all! it seems all of the things i need to tackle have some sort of petty obstacle in the way. the kind of bully that stops you in the hallway and won't let you pass. it just steps in every direction you do, trying to get you riled up when really it just annoys the crap out of you. here's a clip from family guy of stewie on steroids bullying brian as an example of what i'm trying to convey.

okay, so that "ohp. ohp. ohp." bit is what i'm talking about. ugh.
despite all of the annoyance, i'm still somewhat motivated. i love my bizarro "zigs when you think it'll zag" mentality sometimes. keeps me on my toes. so i still have a lot of brainstorming and things to work on, so i reckon i'll go for now.
much love and peaceful energies to you, friends!

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