Tuesday, December 14, 2010

bit-chompin' & yardbird roastin'

good afternoon friends! 'tis tuesday, it's almost time to pick up mississippi from work and i haven't crossed off a thing from my to-do list. i've been busy writing up a storm for a project and am feeling rather energized about finding a new opportunity. yesterday went well, i haven't a clue as to the outcome and that is okay with me. it stirred up the stagnant water and now i'm clacking away like mad.
mississippi and i are terribly excited about our new etsy shop opening on january first. so much so, that i don't want to wait another minute. to keep steadily building anticipation, we are both posting daily to our inspiration blog http://orleansapothecary.tumblr.com/ it is so much fun! it is keeping me on point with all the ideas swirling around the nest on random scraps of paper, and mississippi's idea notebook. it's exciting stuff and carving out a projected timeline to (re)photograph everything in the new style and upload all of it at a steady, constant clip has me just a-chompin' at the bit.
well, i had but a moment to check in. we have company for dinner tonight and i haven't even begun cleaning the house or preparing the big honkin' yardbird i'm supposed to be roasting.
adieu for now!

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