Wednesday, December 22, 2010

hiromi & a canon: 9

this is the second post in the musical countdown of my 2010. such an interesting year. this is hiromi. she does a really unique spin on pechelbel's canon. it's a long spin, but worth the listen. my favourite version didn't have an interesting video, so here's a live one. it's a little different, but i've given you all the details needed to find the record cut on you tube. in the meantime, take the time to listen to this. it is really such an enjoyable take on the song. i listened to it a tremendous amount this year (and was tickled to death that mississippi loved it when i put it on one of the mix cd's i made him when we first met). it relaxes me. hope you like!
adieu for now!
p.s. she's not playing a harpsichord, she placed a metal ruler on the strings to give it that sound. r.a.d.

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