Thursday, December 16, 2010

stan's the man

i have fallen in love (once again) with thermoses. i actually have never fallen out of love with them, but have recently felt the spark return! i have always geeked out a little for the classic stanley thermoses, especially with the handle. it's so... "takin' my metal lunchbox to work buildin' skyscrapers".
i have recently discovered their awesome flask too. i don't like to admit that i love flasks, but i do. i'm also terribly particular about the ones i would bring home to mother, so to speak. no girly, rhinestone-encrusted cheeky-messaged ones for me. no ma'am. no sir. a good ole green stanley. mmmhmmm!
adieu for now!


Anachnoristic Outlook said...

my immediate thought was this song, lol.

lulu said...

you do know The Jerk is *prit much* one of my favourite movies ever?!