Thursday, December 9, 2010

'tis the season

good grief i am so behind this week! i swear, this has been the lost week. i woke up this morning and couldn't believe it was already thursday. do you want to know what i have accomplished this week? nada. minus a really good meatloaf dinner and an excellent batch of my corn & sausage cheddar chowder. nada.
this little lady is so terribly overstimulated that i cannot even turn on the lights on the christmas tree without twitching a little. i have learned that over the course of over a decade in the retail/customer service industries that i am rather scroogey this time of year.
i thought this year would be different because i am well...unemployed and hence have no reason to be pissed at the rampant greed and consumerism that weasels in around my "nat king cole sings the christmas hits" record-enjoyment time. however, with the astonishing lack of funds on our end, with bills looming, and required travel eating away at our mental and emotional well-being... i want to just say bah-humbug.
however, existing as a somewhat rational (though far more optimistic than rational) being, i still find pleasure in the simple things. i am still a grateful creature. i am still a wallower in the solstice delights. i have a tendency and inherent knack to revel in holiday cheer.
at this juncture though, mississippi and i both want to disappear from the hustle and bustle and travel and superficial b.s.
is that possible to do that this time of year without becoming that lady in front of you at the grocery checkout line on christmas eve that is buying twenty cans of cat food, a carton of pall malls, and a case of Tab? ish kabibble. i choose to believe so.
do not be offended though, local friends at the inevitable holiday disappearance of the florida ortolanos. we will not be seen for a while. at least not until the bills are paid and we have fun money again. which may be spring, who knows! we will return again rested and ready for the new year.
adieu for now, lovies!

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