Friday, December 10, 2010

delicious little deep-fried stress ball

boy howdy am i thisclose to being in a foul mood today. i am highly overstimulated. i'm craving hermit time like a pregnant lady craves pickles and ice cream. i have an incredible amount of things swirling around in my head and just enough pieces missing from the puzzle to keep me truly full of static and vinegar.
all that aside, i'm dealing with a situation that is very delicate and frustrating right now. a situation in which i can honestly say i've never really succeeded; and yet every so often am faced with once again. it's silly really. everyone around me can give plain and simple advice about it. very solid, cut and dry advice that sounds delightful in theory. however, in practice would be quite messy and i'm tired of having to clean up all of the messes.
alas, my gut tells me that the plain and simple answers are the easiest, though they won't cover the situation completely.
it is the route i have taken with it, but we shall see where the shrapnel lands. i need to hire a diplomat on my behalf. that or let it all out, consequences be damned and leave the relationships in questions altered forever. hmmm...
now it makes sense as to why i've been wanting a sour cream donut so badly the past few mornings. delicious little deep-fried stress ball.

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