Sunday, December 26, 2010


good morning friends! 'tis sunday and mississippi and i are having a very slow start to our day after christmas. there is wrapping paper everywhere.
i had too many christmas spirits last night because my head be hurtin'. we had an awesome christmas though. mississippi and i spent it with mama and b which was really special. the food was great, i got to participate in some of the very special christmas family traditions that mean so much to me. awesome stockings first, then presents, then mom makes a killer breakfast (which she did again: orange glazed french toast), then me and b watch old movies. it was important to me to have that again this year and to share it with mississippi, who had an awesome christmas too.
yay! i'm glad the holiday is over though. whew! but it was my favourite christmas in a really long time.
much love friends, i hope your holiday was awesome too!

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