Friday, December 24, 2010

chunk of coal: 7

good morning christmas campers! 'tis friday. the town hath rolled up its sidewalks and mississippi is at work! i just ate half a pumpkin pie for breakfast and have been debating over which of the two songs i wanted to post in the countdown today to choose. so, i decided to post both. one because it's been stuck in my head all morning and because i think it would amuse me on christmas eve, to post it. mississippi put this on one of the many mix cd's he has made me and i listened to it a lot in the spring and summer.
the other is romantical. that's right, romantical. every time i hear this song i get all swoony for my man. heh. what else is new? alright alright, i'll cut the sweetness. enjoy these two lil gems.
happy christmas eve, friends! so much love!
adieu for now,

and for my sweet man... and yes, it makes me tear up every time i listen to it.


Susanne said...

I love both of these songs ! thank you Lu . We loved having you here today , God bless you both .xxoo mama

lulu said...

it was a great christmas mama! thank you for everything you did! i love you!