Thursday, December 23, 2010

merry rantmas!

good evening, friends. 'tis thursday and i've spent countless hours running all over town nailing down crafty christmas accoutrements and last minute stocking stuffins. whew!
wanna know what i was reminded of constantly since i left the comfort of my motown christmas pandora station? i reeeeeeallly don't like "classic" christmas music.
the garbage that is piped into every single place of business from the day after halloween until...well, thankfully until tomorrow night is mind-numbing. totally mind-numbing.
growing up in our house, christmas was cozy. vince guiraldi (charlie brown christmas), and nat king cole, maybe a little emmett otter's jugband christmas (who doesn't love a muppet gift of the magi?!). that was pretty much it, maybe a little deano if we were feeling particularly feisty.
as a grown up independent gal, the selection became quirkier. the waitresses and the aforementioned motown. guiraldi and cole have to be played at least once for nostalgic purposes; and because they're awesome, frankly.
but this being my first holiday in which i haven't worked retail (and controlled the christmas music i was exposed to), i found myself contemplating shoving ribbon candy in my ears to get the saccharine pop country ballads and lame-o covers of bing classics out of my head. sacrilegious. ack!
who knew cindy-lou would be such a grinch in her older years?! wowsers. rant over. time to listen to the new 80's classic, "christmas wrapping".
adieu for now!

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Susanne said...

I'm glad our Christmas's were and are cozy . Music is so important and quite frankly I never listen to it in the car even , quiet rules !xxoo mama