Thursday, December 2, 2010

shiny happy frostbitten lawns

good morning, friends! 'tis thursday and my how this week has flown by! today i am getting some of my christmas supply shopping done. notice i didn't say "christmas shopping", for i am making, assembling, crafting my way through the holiday season. i know i'm not the only one, but i'm excited about it. what i really need to do is sit down at the singer and make some holiday stockings, but i'm...what's the word?...too lazy to do it. plain and simple.
today is chilly in the ole sunshine state. a balmy 29 degrees when i woke up. it's my favourite kind of weather and this morning, the ground was so delightfully frosted and the pink morning light made everything look that much more majestic. that's really saying something considering the kind of commute mississippi and i have to make each morning. *le sigh*
tonight we hang mississippi's photographs for his art show on saturday. we are both so excited about it and are tickled that a big glorious handful of the folks that we love and invited are showing up to celebrate with us!
well, i must scoot. i have things to do and craft stores to haunt. i hope that today is a beautiful day for you, kiddos!
adieu for now,

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Susanne said...

Brrrrr rabbit its cold out there ! Stay warm little family .xxoo