Friday, December 17, 2010


good evening friends! 'tis friday, and it is a fantastically grey and rainy dusk kick-starting this weekend. most people wouldn't dig that but over at the ortolano house, it's a happy-maker. we have plans tonight; and while our intrinsic nature precludes any and all outdoor galavanting on such a snug-in evening, our schedule simply will not allow such hermit behaviour.
i am terribly happy about getting a little more visiting in with one of my dear sweet friends in town this weekend. i am terribly excited, as well, to get home tonight and crawl into an unfathomably hot bath.
i hope you are all enjoying your fridays, and safe travels to all y'all making the requisite holiday travels. i'm thinking of you!
adieu for now,


Anachnoristic Outlook said...

I, unusually, am a fan of today too. The weather helped me get a lot of things done at home - I've been hermiting as of late, but tonight I will be out and about as well :) Twinny-twin-twinnerz. Te amo mucho

lulu said...

oh i love my twinnymans!