Monday, April 13, 2009

easter whippits for all

today feels like the beginning of The Cat in the Hat when the kids are looking outside at the rain. it's rather grey out today (some of my favourite weather actually). we've got billie holiday on the stereo at work, one of my bosses is in an off mood, and i just want to watch movies like Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind today. that's the vibe fa sho.
however, i had a pretty great weekend, i'm happy to report. a nice chill friday at home singing into my hairbrush, ran errands most of the day saturday, had easter with mama and family yesterday.
talk about some deliciousness. having a southern mama to make amazing food for you is so awesome! ham, pork roast, squash casserole with those crispy fried onion thingies on top, bacon/green beans, rice and gravy, and to top it all off (and this is hilarious to me) challah bread.
mama wanted to acknowledge our recently suspected, very distant jewish ancestry by serving challah with our pork buffet. we had a good giggle over it once the irony kicked it.
nonetheless, it was a magnificent feast; and i found her earnest interest in acknowledging the aforementioned ancestry quite loving and endearing. that's my sweet mama.
this year was our (me & mama) first easter without my grandmother and uncle (they both died rather tragically within six months of each other). last year they were both at the house with us. it's so crazy how quickly things can change. very sad.
i think my mama held up extremely well. meanwhile, i drank myself through the holiday. 'atta girl.
proud moments were had by the dozen. for example, telling my family about the time i did whippits in my early twenties and how it felt like my brain was dying in snaps and pops while it seemed like someone was yelling through a tunnel into the inside of my brain "MWOW MWOW MWOW MWOW".
ahhh, memories being made. it's a beautiful thing. sufficed to say, my folks were less than impressed, but what're ya gonna do? senor mas said that i make it easier for people to let loose because i'm so full of life and always seem to be enjoying it. i think that's the nicest thing he could have said, first of all. second of all, i surely hope so because i felt like a show pony being led around by my master, cheap wine and young's double chocolate stout.
adieu for now.

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