Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i heart feng shui amongst other things

so today i am working the shop by myself. well, technically not by myself. i brought seven with me. he's not quite sure what to make of it and he's being rather clingy. can't say i don't love it though. he's my little ray of sunshine.
i have a gigantic cup of coffee and alexi murdoch on the ipod instead of the regular jazz standard fare that i have to play. so scandalous am i, breaking all the rules.
anyhow, i've been truly enjoying this book i bought about two weeks ago. move your stuff- change your life by karen rauch carter. it's a (surprisingly funny) guide book to feng shui.
my apartment, as mentioned in my previous post, is chock full o' stuff. unfortunately, all of it is stacked in the prosperity section of my living room/health section of my apartment. guess who's low on funds and sick this week? argh.
i did a couple of things to manifest some changes in my life. what little i can do surrounded by 10 grey tubs of my life's accumulation of tchotchkes. the area i've paid the most attention to is my creativity section. fire is bad for that section and i have a fireplace smack-dab in the middle of it.
i moved my antique pie safe over to that area and covered the fireplace. i filled the pie safe with all of my books (organized by subject, of course. OCD) because words are my favourite creative expression.
i placed my mandolin and my unused snare drum on the top because they are both round which signifies the metal element associated with creativity. i placed my three huge art books up there (three is the number for the creativity section) as well topped off with a hand-done piece of art that my friend lizzie did for me years ago that says "follow yourself confidently".
i put a basket of the books from my childhood (partially for my friends' kids when they come over and partially because i would love to write children's books) next to the pie safe. all signs point to creativity; and who started suddenly blogging two days after working on this project (and three months after initially claiming to want to blog)? that's right. lil miss creativity section. this may not be enough to convince any of the people who may one day come across this delightful rant, but it sure feels good to this little lady.
lu (& seven)

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