Thursday, April 16, 2009

things that are on my mind today:
david sedaris. i get to see him tonight. i really hope he sings the billie holiday-oscar mayer hot dog song. i heart this crazy eccentric man to such a degree i cannot yet explain.
christina applegate. she needs to be my friend. she's funny, broadway-ey, has that attainable healthy/fit/flexi body thing going, and she's the reason i love the sweetest thing, anchorman, and don't tell mom the babysitter's dead. if i had cable and watched t.v., i'd watch her show too.
my artwork. i need to make more and make prints of some of my older pieces, figure out how to maneuver and see if anyone in the universe would like to have them bringing my unique lulu energy into their homes.
secrets. i have been entrusted with one and i'm so proud of myself for not telling anyone. plus it's a really happy good secret and i've wanted to tell people as much as i've wanted cigarrettes and have managed to keep my piehole shut. i'm cabbage patching for myself right now.
money. what else is new. i need some and don't know how to make more so that i may acquaint myself with the life i so comfortably live in my mind. the store i work in had a great day yesterday. today...crickets and tumbleweeds baby. oh, and really snobby rich biotches who like to treat you like crap because you work in a store and worked hard for a proper education instead of marrying wealthy men. and scene.
seven. he's the best pup a gal could ask for. i can't imagine life without that sweet ray of sunshine. i'm thinking about getting him a microchip. i don't know if it will hurt him or not. think i need to do some research. all in all i just need to tell the world that i love my little behbeh!
senor mas. he is being a really wonderful bf and i am so appreciative of that. he's one smart cookie and i think he's a dreamboat!
happy thursday all!

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