Tuesday, April 21, 2009

three-day catch up. brace yourself for some ACTION!

i am delighted by the simple fact that i did NOTHING productive on sunday. i even slept late! that is unheard of in my neck of the woods. senor mas and i hung out all damn day, ate copious amounts of yummy foods, listened to great music. he worked on his origami (making chicks, a fox, a bunny and a nightingale) while i caught up with elinor dashwood back in merry ole england. what a delightful day. we fell asleep watching charade (starring carey grant & audrey hepburn- a classic).

monday i worked. we had a great day (thank goodness!). one of my bosses is on vacay while the other just got back from vacay. i want a vacay. screw it i want a vacay long enough to call it an actual "vacation". but where would i go? what would i do? how would i pay rent when i get back? that last question was an exaggeration. i'm rather OCD about my budget, so i would make sure i could pay my rent or wouldn't go at all (most likely...).

last night i cleaned. i made a list and i think i completed everything. i pointed all my shoes in the closet in the same direction so that my life path will become more clear because my "feet" are going the same way. i cleaned my bathroom (much needed), my kitchen (much more needed), seven got a good ole fashioned cleanin' as well. the first thing he did on our walk this morning? dig a hole in the darkest dirt he could find. i think he does it just to help me get over my OCD. that must be it...

today i work. i work as if it is a friday for i have off tomorrow. a day off in the middle of the week throws me for such a loop, but i'm rather enjoying it (having had a mid-week day off for two weeks now). i'm getting my hair did tomorrow and i need to find something interesting to do with it. if i were in better shape, i'd have a cute little pixie cut, but honestly, i feel it makes my head look too tiny as compared to the rest of my body. i look like a triangle or a barbie whose head has been switched with skipper's head by some ever-so-slightly sadistic child (i may or may not have attempted the same frankenstein-type experiment as a child. just sayin'...). but, i digress.

i simply want a new do. something light and springy. maybe i'll just shave it all off and start wearing hair pieces. that's not eccentric at all!

well, this is my interesting life. i love it. hope the billions of people keeping up with this blog have enjoyed it also.


p.s. just remembered that i had a dream about the singer rihanna. i dreamed she had gigantic boobies and a bunch of kids and was trying to be like aretha franklin. quite amusing. she was fond of velour track pants. why that was worth mentioning other than it makes me laugh, i know not.

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