Tuesday, April 28, 2009

feng shui health cures

as i am sadly reading about the swine flu and the worst case scenario article in the paper that projects the outcome if the u.s. were actually hit with a pandemic flu outbreak, my heart aches for all of the fearful people out there in the heart of things.
i know if it hit my little town, we'd be screwed. we have two hospitals that don't even have enough parking for the employees let alone beds for tens of thousands of sick people.

therefore, i want to send out some positive health energy for the world, especially those afflicted with this new flu virus.

so, tonight i am going to do some positive feng shui "cures" in the health gua of my home. i encourage anyone who may read this to do the same!
the health gua is in the center of the house, or room. it's element is earth which is symbolized by the colour yellow. wood uproots earth, so no wood in this area if possible please. columnar shapes, the same thing goes, it symbolizes trees, which are not so awesome here.

the creative element for earth is fire. therefore candles (even if not lit) are great here.
red, brown, and orange are also great here as are fresh flowers. healthy green plants on a table or bamboo are good here as well.

i needed to send that out into the world. just in case. every little bit helps, right?

my thoughts, energies, and prayers are with those who are ill or are affected by this illness.


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