Monday, April 6, 2009

i am an odd little duck. i'm so freaked out about what to say on the amorpheous blog that i haven't written anything since january. upon visiting my blogspot site, i noticed NO ONE is following it. thank god. it's actually rather comforting to know that technically no one but yours truly is reading this thing anyway. that being said...
today i am at work. thank you nightly news crapcasters for the fear-mongering that has made the usually somewhat pleasant job of working in retail not-so. .
i sit. i greet browsers. sell a birthday card. talk to more browsers that want to be treated like A-list customers without actually, you know, ever...buying... stuff. blech.
all i really want to do these days is go home. be alone with my wonderful pup, seven; and organize my disheveled apartment. it's odd, for the first time in my life, having everything i own in one place. especially since it's all in my living room and i don't know where to put it all. i would say goodwill is grateful for the seven cases of really good stuff i've given away because there is no room for it. but goodwill is never grateful for anything. they are a rather jaded group, those goodwillians.
i digress.
the fact of the matter is, if i could have a week (month) full of nights where no one calls, or needs me to be anywhere or have me go someplace to do something. i would spend every night piddling around my house, listening to the new neko case record, or the yeah yeah yeahs or eef barzelay and shuffle around the joint, moving things from container to container to storage closet over and over again and be the happiest little clam in the sea.
...that is all i really want today...

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