Friday, April 10, 2009

karma bank

ish kabibble. i attempted to redeem myself for being such a cranky kermudgeon over the past few days (due to illness, a pulled back muscle, the perpetual existence of the grey tubs of life's accumulation in my living room and the very economically depressed state of my beloved job in retail right now) by dropping everything to help a friend last night.
yay- a coin in the karma bank!
then, upon my arrival to assist aforementioned friend, someone drops the heaviest glass tumbler of, what i assume is whiskey, on my big toe. this toe is now bigger than big, and a few lovely moody shades of purple and blue. obviously i hadn't quite earned that coin just yet.
as for mi casa. my bf, senor mas, says that it happened because i had the grey bins in my health section of the house. he has since moved them while i am at work, sending pictures throughout the process. quite amusing. hope it works. my toe stopped throbbing during the cell phone picture show, so perhaps the energies are paying closer attention than i expected.
yeehaw for feng shui, yet again! and a yeehaw to you, senor mas, because that was very sweet.
'til next time,

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