Thursday, April 30, 2009

i got my typewriter! i got my typewriter! and immediately upon using it realized i hadn't used one in about 18 years. my left ring finger is so weak it can barely make the letters it is designated to type appear upon the page. kind of funny. i wrote for 15 minutes. corrected mistakes for about five more.
yesterday was my day off. i worked non-stop on my house while watching movies (something's gotta give, only you).
it was fantastic. despite the fact or perhaps because of it, i covet marisa tomei's hairdo in that film and the crazy sexy backless white outfit she wears on the boat. it is a wonderfully silly film that i am beyond stoked that i found on sale for $5.
i also bought two really cute side tables and table lamps from target. i prefer to shop locally but honestly, i couldn't find ANY that matched in my price range in my town.
this is actually, a great example of the wretchedness of my shopping. i look for exactly what i want for about a couple of months all the while neglecting spending money on myself. then one magical day i head to target or something like that and spend $500 on everything i need. then spend the next week or two reeling from the fact that i spent so much money.
ish kabibble.
unlike my gal pals, i dislike shopping with a passion. i like to buy things. i just prefer to do so when they jump out at me and say "buy me! i'll be perfect for you!".
i digress...
today i am at work and easily agitated. i just want to go home and hang out. i, once again, need to work on my patience.
enough for today.

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