Thursday, April 9, 2009

porque el numero seite es mi numero favorito.

i love me a survey. even if no one is reading it but me (and yes i go back on here and delight in my own silly jokes with myself). for example, me to me: wasn't that funny what you said on blogspot the other day? my response to myself: yeah, that was really awesome. you're so funny!
seven things about myself for myself to read later and enjoy:
1. i'm not a hypochondriac. i just always think i'm dying of something.
2. i currently have a hole in my foot because i can be an idiot and ran barefoot through a parking lot during torrential downpour to save my new leather sandals. they are fine by the way, but i'm not speaking to them until my foot heals.
3. i gave myself a haircut this morning and think i look rather saucy, if i do say so myself. i even used that new-fangled thing called a hairdryer. ...i'm a big kid now!
4. i don't have patience for learning technological things though i'd like to learn them. partially because logic is an inherent characteristic of all things technological and well, reread my introduction paragraph today if you're confused about my stance on the subject. because of my inability to do techie things, i have yet to buy a new cable for the camera i got for christmas so that i can put up the 200 or so pictures just sitting on my pretty pink camera right now.
5. i believe that capitili-zation and Punctuation are necessary but i prefer a more guerilla approach to their usE*
6. i will reread that last sentence in a day or two and giggle with myself about how witty i am. sheeeesh.
7. i keep track of how many ounces of water i drink a day. i tally them up on my drinking glass with a marker and get a blue check if i drink eight 8 oz. cups, light blue if i drink 5-6, and red if i drink less than that.

that is all for today. maybe.

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