Tuesday, April 14, 2009

list maker, soul shaker.

i need to make a list of all the lists i need to make.
number one: things i want to learn (metal working, photoshop, photography, CPR).
number two: the things i need to do when i get home today (clean bathroom, sweep floors, straighten bedroom, move the big chair to the living room).
number three: projects that need attention relatively soon: (emptying those GD boxes out and organizing them. i'm down to 5).
number four: skills i need to hone in order to make money in this unbelievably scary economy right now (CPR again pops up, web design, growing salad gardens, changing the oil in my car -yeah right- you catch the idea).
number five: issues i have to go to the doctor about that i'm too scared about because i'm always afraid i'm dying: lymph nodes, knot on neck, cavities etc.)
number six: the next feng shui projects: prosperity section in living room, what the hell to do about my kitchen!
number seven: things i really need to do but am to damn lazy to do: take long walks with the pup, do yoga, pay attention to my hair, make my finger and toenails look less like something belonging to a desert-wanderer yadda yadda yadda.
i can't actually write about or do anything until those lists are complete.
that is where my head is today. lists. ooooh, perez hilton will be blogging about my super-interesting life soon.
and so the cycle continues...

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