Monday, April 27, 2009

solitude sister

dear lord was i sick last week. i missed my little teeny tiny place in the wide world of the interwebs...
my, how fond i am of ellipses! well, it's monday and it's back to the ole salt mines. surprisingly, we had a great week last week. even as the two people working felt like they were dying of the plague. i've got a cough that could shake the rafters, but lil miss optimistic will be just fine.
i'm glad to be at work, though i would love to have the day and the store to myself today and not have to work with anyone. sometimes a day like that is so nice. just to do with it what you will and not have any interference.
i'm craving major alone time this week in all facets of my life. after tuesday night family dinner, i'm going to try to spend the week alone. well, just me and seven.
i've heard a lot of things in the past couple of days that have seeped into my mind and need some reflection. on a separate yet slightly related note: as sweet as senor mas was during my plague week (he took excellent care of me) and as much fun as we had pulling double duty at dueling barbecues yesterday; i just really want some alone time to think and maybe read some sense & sensibility and write a little.

seems to be a reoccurring theme with me lately. constant yearning for creative alone time.
on to the pragmatic!
i have a couple of goals this week and they are as follows:
1. do laundry! ick. i won't tell you how long its been.
2. clean the house (this includes borrowing the vacuum cleaner from the store because i'm ridiculous and haven't purchased one for myself yet).
3. buy a typewriter (i have my eye on one and i'm getting ready to take the plunge! so exciting!)
4. write 15 minutes a day this week. period. blogs don't count either.
5. keep up with the healthies i've been making time for. i'm very proud of myself. the vagueness is intentional.
6. begin the listing and researching of absolutely needed investments. tires, brakes, teeth etc. i've been putting it all off and quite frankly, i'd rather not have my teeth fall out of my head.
7. be patient and try to find other ways to deal with someone in my life that is testing the wee bit of patience i possess. argh.

happiest of mondays to all!

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