Saturday, February 12, 2011

29 part deux

here is the second half of my list. it gets sillier.

15. design & sew a pillow. you would think that plus sewing an outfit would fall into the same category, but no. pillow-making runs in my family. i consider it a totally different art form. by the time i turn 30 i should have enough throw pillows to confuse my house with jeannie's bottle in I Dream of Jeannie.
16. write a song & melody. i've been writing songs since i was knee-high to a pig's eye but pretty much gave it up after a while for different genres of writing. i feel i perhaps shouldn't have and need to try once again.
17. make something cool out of sculpey. it sounds so elementary; but for some reason, i'm intimidated by sculpting. don't know why. i want to do it but i've talked myself out of it like 20 times. worthless psychosomatic issues anyone? anyone?
18. commit to a real composting habit. i've half-assed it for years. no mas!
19. go with a shampoo alternative for one month. there are a kajillion homemade shampoo recipes and i have to choose one (or several), and commit to using them. i have possibly THE most finicky hair on the planet. in 29 years i haven't found a shampoo that does the trick. this is a wit's end commitment.
20. read 29 books. 29 books in 12 months. i think i can swing it. i also can't count the three i've already read since 1/1/11. i started my first two days ago.
21. learn how to cook fish three (3) different ways. for years i couldn't even eat fish other than raw salmon and raw tuna. that's it. i live on the gulf coast of florida for crying out loud!! the best seafood for miles!!! i've been a big fat chicken of the sea (puns are fun) when it comes to cooking it, so i have to find so delicious recipes that help break down my fear. and yes, i understand the ridiculous irony of being able to eat it raw but being too scared to cook it. that's why i have to do something about it. fear is oft completely irrational. or i am.
22. paint a still life. i used to do folky stuff and never took classes or anything. just painted for fun. but my great-grandmother was an accomplished pastels artist by like, 13. my grandmother never painted until a random acrylics class at her church and BAMMO she was naturally amazing at it. my mother has always dabbled in watercolours, acrylics and such. recently she has gotten into it major major big time. guess what? she's amazing at it. i've always been a fan of dutch still life paintings. something about the way the capture the rare allure of the quince. heh. i'm going to try to paint one this year. the family painting line cannot end with me, dammit. i refuse!
23. start learning french as well as brushing back up on spanish. i'm a natural at languages. i dream in spanish sometimes for goodness' sake. i've always wanted to learn french. i have a friend who speaks it fluently and spent time there this summer and when he has a chateau in the french countryside, i'm going to have to be able to get to it!
24. make cheese. i love cheese. i'm fascinated by the process. i want to make some this year.
25. design and make a piece of furniture. my maiden name is carpenter. i've always been keen on furniture design and dreamed of making it. i was really good in shop in 6th grade. why not?
26. try one (1) fashion trend i normally would say NO to. that cuts a large swath because i don't follow trends. i'm actually rather anti-trend. i wear it before it's popular, retire it while it's popular, then pull it back out when it has passed it's "trend" expiration date. i have to make myself try one this year. i think it will be fun.
27. i have bins of belongings. bins and bins. one of my goals during this 29th year is to condense it down to 5-7 bins of my lifelong journey. not my every day belongings (i'm not ready for that yet), but my childhood, things i've inherited etc. i may get crazy once i get started and reduce even more. that's what i'm hoping for at least.
28. okay. so...i've always wanted a wiglet. not a wig. i have two wigs (LOVE my wigs). but a wiglet. bangs, in particular. maryann faithfull, zooey deschenal, jane birken-y bangs. i have to procure and wear one this year.
29. learn to play an instrument. anything from the washboard, to the cello. something. i'm leaning toward the spoons.

stay tuned for the progess!
adieu for now!


Susanne said...

looks like a busy year for you , sounds like fun . Enjoy your 29 th year ! lol , mama ( love you lots )

lulu said...

and i love you!!!!