Monday, February 21, 2011

good news

we have a new project!
so, i have mentioned before our shop, and shop blog: Orleans Apothecary. well, for a while now mr. n and i have discussed (sort of in jest) the concept of the Good News Daily. an idea stemming from a snippet of a favourite television show about creating a newspaper that only prints good news.
well, we needed to keep our positivity in check this weekend. we searched for the Good News Daily, thinking that we could start a blog with that name. alas, it was taken (and didn't do the trick) when we went a-lookin' for it the other day.
long story short, we decided to make our own online newspaper that's called: Optimist Almanac. it opened yesterday and if anyone wants a daily dose of good news, heartwarming stories and all-around positivity, then check it out. we'd love to see you.
have a beautiful day!
adieu for now,


beth said...

what a great idea!

lulu said...

aw, thanks! we ain't the only ones, but the more positivity the better!