Tuesday, February 22, 2011

good news & plums

there isn't really that much new going on with me personally this week. not yet anyway (it is only tuesday after all). i'm working on the shop a lot, trying to keep those wheels a-spinnin' and needing to make more paper. i have a feeling i will be spending the afternoon covered in paper pulp. not a bad way to spend it though, i must say.
on an unrelated note, the new optimist almanac project is a very rewarding one. it is also a little bit exhausting. do you know how hard one has to look to find ANY GOOD NEWS in the world?! it's almost like they print the bad stuff on purpose. like good things aren't newsworthy or something. *le sigh* there are a few other sites devoted to good news and i'll be reading ours and theirs until my news-gathering panic attack subsides.
heh. i digress.
the weather is beautiful. the sunshine is perfectly warm and welcoming. a giant cup of tea and a fresh plum are calling me and i have creative things to do. yay!
enjoy this beautiful day, friends!


Susanne said...

pretty day and pretty post ! xxxooo suz

lulu said...

thanks mama!!