Monday, February 14, 2011


it's my favourite holiday. i love valentine's day!! it's never been about the romances for me. it was my mother's original due date (thanks to a freak full moon that set everyone in nashville into labour early, i came ahead of schedule by five days).
as long as i can remember, valentine's day has always been about love in general for me. for my friends, my family. this year i have a husband. which adds a cool new spin on my special day.
when i was a little girl i would get flowers from my dads and mom. plus a chocolatey treat.
i get whackadoodle excited about tulips and heart-shapes and chocolates and red & pink. it's just such a happy day to me.
what is better than a day dedicated to love? it's like thanksgiving in the sense that it's just so awesome to spend a whole day celebrating positive emotions. a whole day of thanks?! a whole day of love?! nice little reminders in what can be a deeply introspective time of year.
anyway, i'm excited to have my first married valentine's day. but the old valentine's traditions of yore (meaning the 28 years before this year) will be here happily as well. surprise valentine's for beloved friends. early morning "i love you's!" sent to phones across the nation. flowers for mom and dad.
and now a new tradition. well, i don't know if it's a tradition per se, but me and the mr. are making something amazing for valentine's day dinner. i'm stoked.
love to you all, friends! take a second to recognize all the love in your life. it's there. from a sweet pup that thinks you are the end-all be-all, to the friend that always seems to give you a ring on the telly right when you seem to need it.
feel the love!
adieu for now,

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Jenner said...

I love Valentines Day, too!