Thursday, February 3, 2011

the buddy

this is the little face i see every morning, noon, and night. he is my little fella. my youngin. my alien/cat/pup/woodland creature/coyote/crooner.
my little curious, hilarious dumpling.
every day when i'm at work at the computer, he plays with his rope. i often get distracted and get down on the floor with him to play tug of war. he doesn't get along with everybody. he's a mama's boy. it was just us two for a long time. but, he's my lil sweetpea and he's a darn good boy. his name is seven and he is a virgo.


Jenner said...

Oh dear, what a darling! Dogs truly are the best. :)

lulu said...

yeeeeah, i'm one of THOSE people now. if i could carry him around with me everywhere, i totally would.