Friday, February 25, 2011

an artist's dozen

i have finally gotten enough paper made that i can post the bundles on the shop! i'm totally cabbage-patching for my productivity right now. makes it hard to type. heh. anyway, i wanted to share my pretty paper with y'all because well...i'm tickled and i'm a little proud.
so, the paper is being sold by the bundle. our orleans apothecary artist's dozen and half-dozen (14 and 7 pages, respectively). we have discovered, quite by accident that the thicker pieces (pictured above) are awesome for watercolors, acrylics, paint markers, and ink as well as for arts & crafts and stationery.

so friends, please check out the shop, here and tell your friends!
adieu for now,


Jenner said...

That's just so cool. You have every right to be proud!!

lulu said...

wow! thank you! it's working great as art paper, and if you want to give it a try, i'll be happy to send you a piece or two. i want to make it better and user experience helps. just sayin...!

Michael said...

<3 Looks AWESOME!