Wednesday, February 16, 2011

boring stuff and sunshine

i'm on a productive kick, thank goodness. i somehow managed to make twelve pieces of paper last night (have the sore shoulder to prove it). that takes care of two of the bundles we will be delivering to our first two artists for a shop project we are working on (yay!).
today i'm plowing through my to-do list at a respectable clip. i've been "at work" at the ole home office for 50 minutes and have already made advances in some of my more daunting tasks.
the rest of the morning will be devoted to the more physical tasks on my list. this is all very interesting to you all, i am sure. yawn.
but despite all of the rambling on of not-so-interesting life details, i do want to take a second to talk about the sun. that's right, the sun. the big swirling pretty tangerine in the sky. lately it has been a focal point for me (as has the moon, interestingly enough. but that's another post). all of mr. n's artwork have featured little swirling suns (they always do actually but, i've been noticing it more since we added them to the shop). the sunlight has been peeping in through my windows more lately. i reckon because of the changing of the seasons and all...but it sort of took me by surprise this week. it's usually pitch-black when we leave to take mr. n to work in the mornings. today it was a periwinkle blue dawn. lovely.
last night we took a stroll around a nearby "lake" as the sun was setting and it was just magnificent. today my office is striped in sunlight pouring in from the vertical blinds. yes, we have vertical blinds and yes, i am aware we do not live in the 1970's.
my tulips are blooming, my wheatgrass is tall, my clementine seeds are germinating and i'm feeling good.
nothing beats seasonal affective disorder like a little mid-february sunshine. it's just a beautiful, priceless thing.
adieu for now,

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