Wednesday, February 2, 2011

mushroom agnolotti in white wine sauce

i keep mentioning all the yummy food i have been preparing but haven't been posting the images of them.
last night i made mushroom agnolotti pasta in a white wine sauce. sauces are new to me. last night's was good, albeit a little tangy for the pasta in my opinion. the mister was complimenting (complimentary makes him sound as if he was free) as per usual, so i'm never quite sure if it was THAT good or not.
i think the white wine sauce would be better with chicken. well, this is one of my many experiments. it was yummy and fed two people for $6 (if you include the asparagus i made as a side, $8.50).
fresh basil, dried. gift from my beloved michael.
white wine sauce, en route.

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