Wednesday, February 2, 2011

seed project

i come from a family of gardeners. i am not one. my great-grandmother and grandmother had awe-inspiring, church flower show award-winning yards filled with azaleas, pears, roses, blueberries, and a gazillion blooming bulbs at any given moment. my mother and step-dad joined in on the game a few years ago. hibiscus, hyndrangeas, nasturtiums, annuals, perennials. it's all quite lovely but i have never had the gift of gardening. i have killed cast iron plants. they aren't supposed to die. hence the cast iron.
but the past two years i have been craving green. the concept of oxygen being made in my house and happy frothy fronds extending from the soil to the sky (or ceiling in my case) just brings me joy.
as i mentioned in my previous two posts, i spent a little time at the nursery in town on saturday and picked up two seed packets. i'm not a flower person as much as i'm vegetable/fruit/herby kind of gal. so i picked up heirloom carrot seeds and wheatgrass seeds. i figured i would supplement my agave, fern, and round-leafed plant (i don't know it's name but it resides in my prosperity section at the nest) family with a rather easy wheatgrass-growing project. the carrots i'm intimidated by, but here are the photos of the seed-germination task i have begun to tackle. it's terribly fun.
stay tuned for more updates on this. i noticed today that their little sprouts are starting to poke out of the seeds, so i will take more photos and upload them. i hope that isn't too boring!


Jenner said...

How lovely to have fresh dried basil! I have a bag of basil picked from my mom's garden this past summer that I have frozen at home. (along with parsley and oregano) It's nice to have 'fresh' herbs in the dead of winter here!!

lulu said...

you are so right!