Thursday, February 17, 2011

project update

so far from my list of 29 things to do while i am 29, this is what hath been accomplished:

1. i've read two books and i'm on to the third. that's right. two books in a week. i'm proud of myself too.
2. i've been meditating every night, though i fell asleep mid-meditation one night this week.
3. i've been writing every day in my journal. no real witty insights or clever prose. i have a bit of a mental block in journal keeping. workin' on that.
4. i picked up a few supplies for the rag rug makin'. i thought it might be fun to make a rag basket too.
5. i have been creatively writing every day for a minimum of 7 minutes. i usually write a little longer than that because i'm enjoying it so much. that is a nice change. i have fallen in love with the little world i have been creating and keep diving further and further into it.

that's all i've gotten so far. i'm working on getting paper made for the handmade book but i keep making paper for art projects instead. heh. oh well!

more to come. adieu for now!

1 comment:

Michael said...

Congrats on your progress, Lulabelle :)