Friday, February 11, 2011


so, i read this blog, yes and yes, which i have linked to before (a few posts ago) and the writer has done this project: 32 things to do before turning 32.
i have decided to do a 29 things to do while i am 29 because it seemed like fun and i need a deadline sometimes to make any progress. most of them involve making very simple things. some are completely random. a few are to keep me on track and improve my natural abilities. a couple are just silly fun.
well, the entire project seems to be fun waitin' to happen anyway. fear-challenges. i love those. it's why i jumped out of a plane four years ago this weekend. to get over my fear of heights. it worked. it helped with a few other things as well. whenever i started to get weird about something since then, i would remind myself that i plummeted to earth from nearly 15,000 feet in the air and it was magnificent and beautiful.
soooo, here is the first half of things from my list. *i will be honest, i may tweak a few of them as better ideas come along* but this is the beginning of the list.

1. sew a spring/summer article of clothing. i'm leaning toward a sunddress but i've fallen in love with some scooter shorts on etsy and in this month's lucky magazine. sooo, who knows!
2. learn how to make my favourite treat from the chinese restaurant around the corner from the nest: gyoza. pork-filled steamed dumplings and a tangy, spicy, sweet sauce. yummmmms!
3. make a handmade book, pages and all.
4. can a fresh vegetable/fruit. i use to can with my meemaw in north carolina. i've been itching to do it again.
5. keep a journal for one year. i always give up a few weeks in but i have to make myself keep it up for one year. it seems important.
6. grow a medicinal herb garden.
7. make a rag rug.
8. meditate every day for one month (it will probably go longer, but i have to give myself a time frame).
9. refinish my amazing old dresser and mirror. i inherited it from a mischievous great-great uncle when i was 14. there were brass knuckles in the back of a drawer. i just love that. it has been moved to eight houses since then and looks like it has too. i'm thinking a creamy-taupe would be pretty.
10. shear a sheep. sounds insane, i know. but i love sheep and goats. i've oft dreamed of having them one day when we have a family homestead. my friend works on the farm and may be able to make this little dream a reality. i may even get to keep the wool! fun! i'm a nerd, i know.
11. write creatively every day for a minimum of 7 minutes. sharpen those skills.
12. needle-felt a 3D creature. i love needle-felting and haven't been able to do it for a month or two. i miss it!
13. invest in one quality article of clothing. a classic. something to keep forever. i'm a quality over quantity person anyway, but i'm also an immediate need outweighs the "keep looking til you find the right thing" gal. it's an impatience thing and a natural abhorrence of shopping thing. i have to bite the bullet and find something that i've always wanted and invest. it's one of the most intimidating things on my list, believe it or not.
14. master every move of the sun salutation OR perfect three yoga moves of choice.

stay tuned for the other half!
adieu for now,

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