Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ferns & moss & sunshines & birdbaths

any of you who followed last year, know that ireally enjoyed my photo project and have been missing the process since my beloved laptop died in september. well, it's taken a while, but i'm finally getting back into the swing of things with the mister's laptop. heh. he is very patient with the fact that i'm totally bogarting his mac. score.

the above image is the gorgeous sunshiney morning we spent at native nurseries in tallahassee.

i have a soft spot for ferns. i think they are really friendly-looking and curly and always in pretty greens.
a cool take on a fountain/bird bath that is simple a water structure pouring over two moss and fern covered stones onto the ground that has been dug out slightly (about two inches deep or so) and sprinkled with pebbles. it looks so natural. i just adore it.
cheers friends!

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