Thursday, May 28, 2009

oh! patience, where are thou?

1. i am being tested in my ability to keep my cool around certain people that i am obligated to spend a lot of time with. i even looked up the patron saint of patience and have been talking to ole st. monica about it all morning. i'm not even catholic, but i'm hoping that monica doesn't mind and perhaps appreciates the cawfee tawk. deeeep breath.

2. i want it to be fall. autumn. glorious colour-changing, nip in the air autumn. it's the metaphorical quiet before the storm here. the storm being chronic heat reaching into the triple digits and nary a breeze to cool you down. this absolutely awful weather will last until halloween. right now it is lovely. cloudy, barely 80 degrees, a slight breeze floating around lifting the young ladies cotton spring dresses. but the beast is lurking and i'm dreaming of sweaters and pumpkin pie spice in the air.

patience is a fleeting virtue of which i have rarely come in contact with throughout my 27 years.

an example of my absolute lack in this area is the super cute dress i found today.

nanette lepore, why does 90% of what you create look like it was made for me? aaah. back to work. i don't even have the money to "window shop" anyway.

happy thursday, my pets!



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