Sunday, May 24, 2009

a coupla things

number one: there are several reasons why i wish i didn't have such an allergy to cats. they're cute, funny, interesting to watch do weird little cat things. their addictions to catnip are always amusing. and then there are the reasons i'm so f-ing grateful i am so allergic to cats and will never have to deal with this on a regular basis...and that is cat poop. it has it's own particular odor that gets into your bones and makes you feel like you are living in midieval england the day before annual bath day. blech. i love my g-friend that asked for this assistance while she was out of town. but woah. that was the stankiest litter box i hope never to experience again.

number two (no pun intended): my house is now so damn clean it's amazing. i cleaned for almost five hours and am currently at my mother's house doing laundry. yeah, i'm 27 and should be doing laundry at my apartment complex but i'm low on quarters and had left my detergent here from the last time anyway. thanks mama!
this is my sunday. cat poop and cleaning. i think i may just need a toddy to finish the day.
happy sunday yous guys.

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