Tuesday, May 19, 2009

perfect weather

ugh. it's the most perfect weather here in the sunshine state today and yet i am down. i dislike being down during lovely weather.
i celebrated my two year anniversary with the bosses last night. love them, love the store.
have a tinge in my stomach about the state of things in retail; and that scares me. i'm afraid of what the summer will bring to our little rapidly-emptying college/political town and how deeply it will affect the retail industry (i.e. our little lovely store specifically).
now this is all fear-mongoring on the part of myself. i'm afraid of all of these things therefore they are becoming real by proxy.
factor in senor mas and i having an uber-bizarre argument that is now in its 3rd day of awkwardness and the growing concern i have in regards to my failing vision, pre-arthritic hands, and curious mole on my left leg and basically i'm convincing myself that i'm dead in the water.
i hope my neuroses have made you smile today, dear invisible readers.
adieu for now.

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