Saturday, May 30, 2009

how do those wings feel, brother?

hola saturdayers. it is beautiful weather here in florida. blue skies, little white fluffy clouds (anyone else remember that song "Little Fluffy Clouds?"). it's not hot yet so it's perfect. makes me want to run around through a sprinkler and play frisbee. regress much?

i'm at work. shirking my managerial duties while bossing others around. that's the life, let me tell you.

made three new necklaces this week. i'm having a hard time naming one of them, it's very different than any of the others i've made. the other two are called "big heart", and "gettin' kissed beneath the lantern lights". i'm very proud of them and soon, very soon, the shop will be opening. i'm actually rather nervous about it (how ridunkulous is that?!).

here's to stepping outside of the comfort zone (gee, i wish i had a mimosa to toast that with)!

x's & o's


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