Friday, May 1, 2009

friday finally!

today is crazy busy at the shop! sale day! here's what's on my mind today:
1. this new flu virus is scaring me. i don't even watch the news. but, i live in florida and we are expected to be one of the hardest hit places. i don't like being sick and i don't want tallahassee to succumb to this pandemic. argh. freak me out.
2. i need a way to make money on the side and believe me...if hookin' were an option, i'd be considering it. kidding. kind of.
3. once again, all i really want to do is be sitting in my adorable apartment watching movies and snuggling with seven (and a glass of wine- that's right. i snuggle my booze).
4. i'm getting better at the typewriter even though i've been too lazy to read the manual about how to set the margins. atta girl.
5. i bought steel magnolias last night after my haircident. in fact, i'm so hormonal right now i bought juno, 13 going on 30, sense & sensibility, AND steel magnolias. all that's missing is a gallon of ice cream and a box of frickin' kleenex. oy.

and now back to work...

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