Friday, May 22, 2009

everybody's working for the i've been told.

i am happy to say that awkard watch '09 has pretty much concluded with a marathon of conversations betwixt (that's right) senor mas and myself. it's been good, challenging, and i think fruitful (at least i super hope so).

i'm at work right now, impatiently counting down the hours (3) until i can go home for three whole days. i can hardly contain myself and cannot wait to hole up with sense & sensibility (i'm on the last 20 pages!), my jewelry, and my pup.

happy memorial day weekend invisible y'alls! by the way, here's a happy pic of me in charleston from a million (4 actually) years ago. don't know why i felt compelled to throw it up here other than the fact that i'm obsessed with myself and parentheses (obviously).



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