Wednesday, May 6, 2009

save the gua!

boy am i in a weird set of ruts these days. i'm obsessively washing dishes but haven't cleaned anything else in my house. i've got another laundry monster growing in the skills & knowledge gua of my bedroom which is probably why i have felt incredibly introverted and unable to say things properly to anyone. i've been very bitter-sounding and more sarcastic than usual when i speak. my mind has been scattered. i did nothing productive but write all night last night.

senor mas just texted me my horoscope for the day:

Aquarius: expect some misunderstandings in the next few weeks, but do all you can to avoid that type of hassle. confirm meetings. don't stand on ceremony, especially with loved ones and friends. detach and look at the whole story. tonight: take in new vistas.

perhaps i should take the initiative to organize my schedule for the next couple of weeks. there is a lot going on.

in the meantime, i'm going to go to work. i have a three day weekend coming up and i cannot express how much it is needed. lately i have been feeling so drained from my work. even with a groovy new bonus package, my mind and heart and initiative have taken leave. what to do? listen to the ole horoscope, i reckon. oh, and fix the troublesome guas in the house!

happiest hump day!



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