Friday, May 29, 2009


it is friday. i am alone at work which is kinda nice. technically it is my thursday because i work tomorrow but i'm not letting it get me down! i'm just happy that my patience & fortitude are not being challenged as much as they were yesterday.

on a slightly unrelated note, there is a general ennui upon my person these days.

i do yearn for an upward shift in my life. where cigarettes don't plague me and yoga fortifies me daily. where money is saved and not spent on etsy shopping sprees (for an oddly satisfying but disturbing trend of retail therapy) and rushed shipping for camera parts because yet again i've misplaced them.

a life in which i can work from home, pay my bills, and have a pleasant house with a yard for seven to run around in circles in. i would really love a change of scenery. i feel like a giant whale in a fish bowl right now. i can't move, can't quite change anything without shattering everything around me. deeeep. i know. i astound myself with my depth of pontification sometimes. wow.

life is good. i am good. family is good. friends are hanging in. relationship is ever-fluctuating but good. what's my deal? what's my damage?

stay tuned, i reckon.

adieu for now fridayers.


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