Wednesday, May 20, 2009

did someone say hump day? heh heh.

i feel like being a lazy shit today. perhaps because i am?
i made three new necklaces last night (have i even mentioned i've been making jewelry lately, i think i have...anyway). that brings the list up to something like 7 necklaces in a week. i'm rather proud of myself. i've been really enjoying how they come to exist and the names that accompany them.
hidden stairwell, mama used to sneak out & go skinny dippin', basic math no.1, basic math no. 2, sleep well, principessa, a brooklyn bumble, and atta girl!
as soon as i can i'll post some pics. i still don't have the frickin' cable for my camera. sheeeeeeesh.
as for the etsy shop...that will be happening by june i think. yippeeeee!
as for the rest of the updates:
day 4 of awkward watch '09.
obligations for the week have been completed and now to lock myself away for the next several days.
oh damn, gotta run, work and stuff.

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