Monday, May 4, 2009


well i wrote this super, introspective post on saturday with a little picture and everything. but after i closed out of everything, realized i never published it. niiiiiiice.

too bad i'm brainey mcscrambles today and have nothing of interest to say. i don't even feel like rewriting all the fantastic things i wrote on saturday.

alas, in summary, it is monday. i am booked out the wazoo this week and i'm already beat.

i did however, recieve my order from etsy the other day. in cool 1917 german hymnal with handwritten notations in it.

come to find out, i collect antique books with handwritten notes in them. kind of just realized it upon recieving the package.

that's about all i have today. i'm ready to go home.

hopefully my synapses will be reconnected by tomorrow.



oh! here's a pic of my new acquisition.

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