Tuesday, May 26, 2009

contagious moods and aminals

i dislike very much when bad moods are contagious.
there was a contagious bad mood in my day today and i have to say i just don't have the patience or the kindness to deal with it properly. oooh, i don't like that!
i'm having that urge again. the urge to disappear for the duration of the week. i am hoping very much to get a lot done this week in the gloriously clean hidey hole that is my apartment.
one of the things on my to-do list is to not make snide comments especially at work. i have to say it's more of a challenge than i had predicted because of unforseen viral crabbiness.
not that i'm a total asshole to people but i have an extremely dry, sarcastic humour and lately have been using that to express things i don't know how to express otherwise.
psychoanalyze much? and scene.
today is dark and threatening to rain and i cannot wait to get off of work in 6 1/2 hours to revel in it and be creative.
have a happy tuesday beloved invisible readers! i surely hope this blog was not TMI on personal stuff. maybe i should say something truly cute to end the message today.
baby aminals. that's cute.

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