Tuesday, May 12, 2009

neko & necklaces

i can't believe it's been six days since i wrote last. having three days off this weekend was magnificent, if only for the copious amounts of booze consumed. i saw pals, celebrated birthdays, took a mini-vacay with mama for mother's day, organized randomly. all in all, may 8th-10th were a major success.

as for my latest happenings...i'm making some necklaces that i may (if completed in time) sell at our art park flea market this saturday. if not, i'm shootin' for one day having an etsy shop. it's monumental for this analog girl to even consider a life online. that's why this blog is so absurd sometimes. well, that and many other reasons mostly pertaining to my own odd little eccentricities.

today is tuesday and the only thing of interest i really have to say is that someone i know (a.d.) met and got to have an interesting conversation with neko case this past weekend in atlanta at a restaurant and i have been replaying a.d.'s story over and over again in my mind. except in my version, i'm the one meeting neko instead. vicariously living much?




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